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I developed this website after I retired so that I could let you see photos of my family, friends, dogs and horses. I can also air my views here on issues that are important to me. For starters I'm showing two lovely portraits of my companion animals painted by my talented young friend, Mia Sarosi. They are my great horse Phara, and my dear little collie, Meggy, both now gone to the "happy hunting ground" .

Click here for photos of my animal friends. You might like to see some photos of my family, parents Mick & Margery Daniels, my sister June and my son Mark. I have now added some old black & white photos from the family archive, cared for by June. There might be more pictures when you visit again. I have updated the page with a variety of "Odds & Ends" which you might find fun. I have now included a page with my favourite on-line music. There is now an area for one of my favourite pieces of verse, the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam as translated by Edward Fitzgerald. You will find all the links to my various web pages at the bottom of this page, I hope you find them interesting.

At Christmas 2010 I added a Newsletter. It makes gloomy reading but has hope at the end.

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Heather Palmer   This web site is developed by Heather Palmer, a Horspath Villager
(latest update 16th October 2011)
Phara's portrait
Meggy's portrait

My horse Phara was an Arabian horse registered with the name of "Pharfling", and bred by Miss "Biddy" Bowditch, a keen supporter of equestrian sports. Phara and I might be remembered by EHPS people competing in CTR's in the 1980s & 90s. I received a bronze plate for Phara's 2500 miles award at the EHPS Annual Dinner in November 1993. My brave horse was put to sleep in November 2007 having suffered from heart problems.

Check my village web site at Horspath.org.uk. Horspath lies within the Oxford Green Belt, which needs constant protection from would-be developers. Visit the Oxford Green Belt Network, a group dedicated to preserving our green belt and our rural way of life. Since retirement I have had time to take a more keen interest in local issues, which include allotments, wind turbines and aiming to maintain rural life in Horspath Village and South Oxfordshire.

6 May 2010 - The UK votes to hang Parliament ! We Brits might get a referendum, but on changes to our voting system, not on leaving the EU. Let us hope that the "cosy" coalition between the Conservatives and the Lib-Dems can get our poor country back on its feet again.

For many years I worked abroad, in Brazil and Central America. Here is an album full of memories.

Please send your comments or report any broken links to webmaster@heatherpalmer.org. Thank you.
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photos of my dogs and horses
Family Photos
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Family Archive
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The Rubaiyat
the verse and illustrations by different artists
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Odds & Ends
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My Music
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Local issues
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Mick Daniels & WWII
My father Mick joined the RAF before the outbreak of WWII
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