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Welcome to Heather Palmer's Family

Here are a few photos of my family.

Sherifoot Lane
The Daniels family home 1940s & 50s
Mum & Dad Daniels on holiday
My parents, Mick & Margery Daniels on holiday
Hayes Croft, Devon
Mick & Margery Daniels' retirement cottage, Devon
Hayes Croft, Devon
Mick in his much loved Devon garden
Mick Daniels
Mick watering plants at their house in Sway, New Forest
Mark & Granma
Son Mark with his Grandma on holiday
Heather at 70
In my party finery with emblematic palm tree, & Tanzy
sister June
My sister June sunning herself on her patio
Heather at 70
In my party finery with emblematic palm tree, no Tanzy
sister June
June in her party finery on holiday

June at 70
June @ 70 with friends Jac, me & Mia
Heather in veg garden
In my veg garden 1st August 2010

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