Heather & June visit Harry Potter, 1st October 2015

On a bright autumn morning June and I set out from June's home in Pirton to take the Harry Potter Tour at the Warner Bros studio near Watford. Free wheelchairs were available, so June pushed me round most of the tour. I couldn't easily get onto the Hogwarts Bridge, and Diagon Alley was cobbled, so I walked up it. June took a great many photos, and what is available here is about 25% of them.

The tour started in the Great Hall of Hogwarts and then we were free to roam through the many halls showing different sets from the Harry Potter Films. The Tour ended in a room showing the scale model of Hogwarts Castle. The lighting varied from daylight to dusk, then dawn and back to daylight over the course of several minutes.

The name of each photo is preceded by a capital letter from A to P. This is to asssit you in viewing the photos in more or less the right order.

Just click on a photo title to see it. To download to your own computer, right-click on the link, and then left-click on "Save link as" or whatever option is available to save a file. Warning: these are quite large file, mostly 2MB +/- a bit.

Photo nameSize
A_Great Hall Hogwarts2.15 Mb
B_Harrys dormitory2.16 Mb
C_Hogwarts bridge2.19 Mb
D_Diagon Alley2.19 Mb
E_June and Hogwarts Express1.42 Mb
F_Platform 9 and three-quarters2.18 Mb
G_3-decker Knight bus2.15 Mb
H_Heather lunching near bus2.21 Mb
I_Weasleys Kitchen Xmas Day2.16 Mb
J_Harrys parents cottage2.23 Mb
K_Card model of village2.16 Mb
L_Card model of Hogwarts2.17 Mb
M_Scale model of Hogwarts-12.17 Mb
N_Scale model of Hogwarts-22.16 Mb
O_Scale model of Hogwarts-32.24 Mb
P_Scale model of Hogwarts-42.20 Mb