My Life in Teacolandia

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During my long and varied life I worked for a while as a UK Technical Co-operation Officer (TCO) for the UK Overseas Development Administration (ODA). I spent seven years working in Latin America in a lovely country I shall call Teacolandia at an institute I shall call the Central American Studies for Tropical Forestry and Foliage (CASTOFF). I worked there in the Computer Centre and my then husband, Jay R. Pratt (JRP), worked in the Silviculture Department. We lived there from 1979 to 1985 and when we left, at our leaving party, our friends presented us with a lovely photo album. This had interesting photos of Teacolandia and the work at CASTOFF with pithy comments by our various friends. On the following pages you can see these photos.

The photos in the album have faded over the last 20 or so years, and some haven't scanned too well, but they still bring back great memories for me. I hope they are of interest to my "Tropical Brit" friends.
I have added some comments of my own in [ ]s.

The album starts with the message :

Jay and Heather P.
This was your Life
 CASTOFF 1979 - 1985 

Now let's see the photos, starting at page 1 of the album -
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